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Avia Pervia
"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people" Eleanor Roosevelt

giovedì 5 febbraio 2015

Sergio Mattarella's Speech as President of the Italian Republic

Listening to the inaugural address of our new President of the Republic a first comment comes naturally to write: he did not forget anybody.
Starting with the ritual of thanks to the High institutional offices conducted a linear discourse, devoid of all rhetoric and manner directed not only to parliamentarians but at the heart of the country and of Italian citizens.
Addressed a "thought deferential" to its predecessor Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Giorgio Napolitano, the first absent for health reasons, the second in the courtroom and visibly moved, albeit in complete composure and dignity.
"They have played their role with commitment and dedication specimens. They deserve the affectionate gratitude of Italians. To President Napolitano that in a difficult time has accepted the burden of a second term thanks particularly intense ".
Pays tribute to the Constitutional Court, a body of high guarantee to protect our fundamental charter; the Council of the Judiciary, the garrison of independence and all the magistrates.
"I feel fully the responsibility of the task that was entrusted to me: the responsibility to represent the national unity first, unity that binds inextricably our territories from the north to the south, but also to represent the unit comprising all of the expectations and aspirations of our fellow citizens.
This unit is likely to be difficult, fragile, far away. The commitment of all must be addressed to overcome the difficulties of the Italian and realize their hopes. The long crisis which lasted beyond all limits, has inflicted wounds to the social fabric of our country and put a strain on the estate of his production system.
Increased injustices, has generated new forms of poverty, has produced marginalization and loneliness.
Anxieties lurk in many families for the difficulties that steal the future of girls and boys.
The work is lacking for many young people, especially in the South, the loss of employment, exclusion, the difficulties encountered in securing rights and basic social services: these are the points on the agenda demanding cu will be measured the proximity of the institutions to the people.
We have to avoid the risk that the economic crisis would affect compliance with the principles and values that underpin the social pact enshrined in the Constitution.
To overcome the crisis that sapped seriously the national economy and the European is powered reversal of the economic cycle has long awaited.
It is essential that the financial consolidation is accompanied by a robust growth initiative to articulate first in Europe.
During the six-month presidency of the European Union has just ended, the government to which I extend a greeting and best wishes, has appropriately followed this strategy. There is now a need to confirm the constitutional pact that keeps the country united and that recognizes all citizens the fundamental rights and equal social status.
That pact commits the Republic to remove obstacles that limit the freedom and equality. The urgent need for institutional reforms, economic and social derives from the duty to respond effectively to our community, appropriate responses to the challenges we face. Exist in our country that energy just waiting to find a way to express itself.
I think young people who cultivate their talents and they would like to see the merit;
I think of the small, medium and large that among major difficulties found the courage to continue to innovate and compete in the international market;
I think the public administration that has expertise in value but which must decline the constitutional principles of adapting to the possibilities offered by new technologies and to the sensitivity of the citizens, who demand participation, transparency, ease of compliance, consistency in decisions.
No need for general exhortations to look to the future, but rather the tenacious determination of all the resources of the Italian company. Speaking of national unity then it means to give back to the country a horizon of hope: because this hope does not remain abstract evocation. You need to rebuild the bonds that hold society together. In this action are called all the living forces of our community, at home and abroad.
To their compatriots in the world goes my affectionate greeting. A thought of friendship turn to the numerous foreign communities in our country.
The road to a united country is the one that indicates our Constitution when he emphasizes the role of social formations, a corollary of full participation in public life.
The crisis of representation made it weak and ineffective the traditional instruments of participation while the company emerge forcefully two modes of expression that have already produced noticeable results in the policy and its subjects. This same parliament has elements of novelty and change; the highest percentage of women and many young parliamentarians. It is a valuable result that too many times policy ends up obscuring behind controversies and conflicts.
The young parliamentarians bring in these classrooms the hopes and expectations of their peers. They also represent the critical skills and even indignation the desire to change.
They specifically ask you to make a positive contribution to our being truly national unity, never forgetting the essence of the parliamentary mandate: the idea that in these classrooms are not the expression of a segment of society or of special interests, but has representatives of the entire Italian people and all together in the service of the country.
All are called to assume full responsibility for this: primary condition for recall Italians institutions is to understand the policy as a service to the common good, the assets of one and all.
You must reconnect to those institutions so many of our fellow citizens that feel distant and alien. Democracy is not a definitive conquest but goes  continuously identifying the most appropriate formulas to the changing times.
It is significant that my oath took place while he is about to take a broad and thorough reform of the second part of the Constitution. Without going into the merits of the individual solutions that compete Parliament in its sovereignty, would like to express the hope that this process is accomplished with the goal of making more adequate our Democracy. Namely reforming the constitution to strengthen the democratic process.
There is also the need to overcome the logic of constant derogation to ordinary forms of the legislative process by raising the need for the government with respect procedural guarantees proper parliamentary dialectic.
As has been repeatedly stressed by President Napolitano our priority is the adoption of a new electoral law, a subject on which Parliament is engaged.
In common parlance it is customary to translate the role of the Head of State that is the role of an arbitrator, the guarantor of the Constitution: it is an effective image, the referee is responsible for the timely implementation of the rules. The referee must be and will be impartial. "
These words open a standing ovation in all respects, with one long, thunderous applause of the parliamentarians present.
Then resumes: "Players help him with their correctness. The President of the Republic is the guarantor of the Constitution. The strongest guarantee of the Constitution is, however, in its application, in live it day by day.
Ensuring the Constitution means ensuring the right to education of our children, the right to study in a modern school in safe environments: means to guarantee their right to the future. It means recognizing and implementing the right to work. It means promoting the widespread culture and the pursuit of excellence, also using new technologies and overcoming the digital divide. It means loving our environmental and artistic treasures. Is to repudiate the war and promote peace. It means ensuring the rights of the sick. It means that each contributes with loyalty to the costs of the national community.
It means that you can get justice quickly. It means to make sure that women should not be afraid of violence and discrimination. It means to remove all barriers that limits the needs of people with disabilities. It means supporting the family, the resource of the company. Means ensuring the autonomy and diversity of information, the garrison of Democracy. It means remembering the resistance and sacrifice of many that seventy years ago freed Italy from Nazi-fascism. It means freedom, freedom of the development of civil rights, the social sphere as the economic one, the personal and affective.
Ensuring the Constitution means spreading a strong sense of Legality.
The fight against the Mafia and Corruption are top priorities.
Corruption has reached an unacceptable level: devours resources that could be aimed at citizens; prevents the correct explanation of the rules of the market. Encourages cliques and penalizes the honest and capable.
The current Pope Francis, whom I thank for the message of greetings that has sent me, Francis has used harsh words against corrupt: men of good manners but of bad habits.
It is alarming spread of the mafias, old and new also in geographical areas historically immune: a pervasive cancer that destroys hopes, imposes yokes and oppression, trampling rights.
We must encourage the action determined the Judiciary and the Police who often risk their lives and fight for combating organized crime.
In the fight to the Mafia we had many heroes: I think among others to Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.
To defeat the Mafia must be a multitude of honest, competent, and a tenacious political leadership and administrative able to do their duty.
Other risks threaten our coexistence: the International terrorism has launched his challenge bloody, sowing death and tragedies in the world and making innocent victims.
We are horrified by the barbaric beheadings of hostages, war and bloodshed in the Middle East and Africa, to the tragic events in Paris.
Our country has paid several times in the recent past the price of hatred and intolerance. I want to remember one name: Stefano Taché. Stefano Taché was killed in the cowardly attack on the synagogue in 1982 in Rome. He was only two years was our child, an Italian child.
The practice of violence in the name of religion seemed a closed chapter of our history, long time. It should be condemned and fought those who use our own I think, violating the fundamental right to religious freedom.
Terrorism in order to consider the clash of religions and civilizations would, I believe, a serious mistake: the threat is much deeper and wider. The attack on the foundations of freedom, democracy, tolerance and coexistence.
For global threats need global responses. A phenomenon so severe you cannot fight locking themselves in the fort of national states. The preachers of hate and those that I consider assassins, using the Internet and the media more sophisticated beyond their nature in a territorial dimension.
The international community must deploy all its resources. In greeting the diplomatic corps accredited to the Republic, I express the hope of intense collaboration in this direction.
The fight against terrorism must be done with firmness, intelligence, capacity for discernment: a challenging fight that cannot ignore the security. The State must ensure the right of citizens to a peaceful life and freedom from fear.
The feeling of Hope marked the post-war Europe and the Fall of the Berlin Wall: the hope of freedom to recovery after the war, hoping to claim the roles of Democracy after 1989.
In the new Europe Italy has found the assertion of its sovereignty: a safe haven, but also a place from which to start to overcome global challenges. The EU is now once again a perspective of hope and true political union to be relaunched without delay. The affirmation of the rights of citizenship represents the consolidation of the European space of Freedom, Security and Justice.
The wars, bombings, political persecution, ethnic and religious, misery and famine generate large masses of refugees: millions of individuals and families fleeing from their homes seeking salvation and their future rights and democracy in Europe. And 'this humanitarian emergency severe and painful that must see Europe, the EU is more attentive, committed and supportive.
Italy has done and is doing his part well and we are grateful to all our operators at various levels to the generous commitment with which to confront this dramatic exodus.
Internationally, the meritorious and necessary action to maintain the Peace which involves our military in many missions must be consolidated with an action of political reconstruction, economic, social and cultural development without which every effort is bound to vanish.
Armed Forces increasingly essential element of our foreign policy and effective security extend a sincere thank you to remember those who have lost their lives in the performance of their duty. We must continue to deploy the maximum effort to ensure that the delicate matter of our Fusiliers Marina whose names we know well, (...) we hope that this matter can find a successful conclusion as soon as possible, with their eventual return to their homeland. I wish to remember to civilians, often engaged in risky areas in the valuable work of cooperation in developing areas.
The three Italian Father Dall'Oglio, John The Short and Renzo Scaramigli, of which there is no news of their fate lands in difficult and tormented them and their families must be solidarity and closeness of the Italian people, together with the 'hope to soon return to their homes.
The President concludes with a heartfelt appeal to those present: "Honourable Members, Distinguished Delegates:
for our people face the Republic is what comes up in life everyday Hospital, City Hall, the School, the Court, the Museum ...
  I hope that in public offices and institutions can approach with confidence the faces of the Italians: the face carefree children, what curious boys, the worried faces of the elderly living alone and in difficulty, the face of the suffering, the sick and their families who carry on their shoulders heavy loads, the face of the young people seeking work, and that of those who work it has lost; the face of those who had to close the company because of the economic situation and that of those who continue to invest despite the crisis; the face of those who give generously of their time for others, the face of those who do not surrender to the oppression of those who fight against Injustices and to those seeking a way of redemption.
These are stories of women and men, young and elderly, with different political beliefs, cultural, religious. These faces and these stories tell of a people who always want more free, safe and supportive: a people who really feel the community and who walks with a new hope towards a future of serenity and peace. "
Long live the Republic, Long live Italy!

After a speech of such thickness and stature, what's left to say?
Perhaps the fact that I'm not really sure that we deserve even a president like this: However, we had a desperate need, more than ever.
Hope is the only light that can guide us in the shadows of this and hold fast to face a very uncertain future.
Thank you very much Mr President, for accepting such a responsibility on the shoulders at a time like this. Hopefully enlightened by your words the other establishment figures you can inspire the values mentioned in this inaugural address, to finally become the country that we should be in place in the country torn apart and proved that we are now.
Long live the Republic of Italians: honest, workers and tenacious. As you, like us.

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